About us

Our Institution’s History

Founded in 1916, the basic arts school took the name of violinist and composer Antal Csermák in 1955. The institution, located in Veszprém’s city centre has a 200-seat concert hall and a chamber hall that seats 50.

At present, 912 enrolled students are being instructed by experienced music teachers, who provide education in 27 instruments and disciplines from the basics to advanced levels to music lovers ranging from age six to young adults. In addition to classical instruments, students can choose to study improvisation as well as synthesizer and computer music in the afternoon. After completing Year 12, students have the the opportunity to pursue a career in music. Many singers and musicians of international fame have studied at the Music School of Veszprém. Our students are eligible to take part in professional competitions and perform some 75-80 times a year outside the music school. Among our competitions and events, I would like to give special mention to the Lantos Magda County Piano Competition, the Auer Lipót County Violin Competition, and the Regional Trumpet Competition, which have been held for more than two decades, in addition to Csermák Days Music Festival, which has been held since 1994 and offers all ages the opportunity to encounter music of genuine value. Every year our institution hosts a number of prestigious concerts and events. In September 2020, a ballet class was added to our curriculum, which has since enjoyed similar popularity as the instrumental classes. We keep inviting and welcoming all locals interested in music and ballet to our school.

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